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Semper Environmental: What we do and who we serve

Semper Environmental specializes in environmental investigation and remediation projects, ranging from site characterization for soil and groundwater, to site cleanup, to NEPA-related assessments and munitions response actions. Our skilled and knowledgeable team has decades of experience in both government and commercial/private sectors.

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Environmental Sampling Support

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Environmental Oversight

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Environmental Remediation

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Environmental Compliance

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Investigation and Sampling

Our Expertise


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Environmental Site Investigation and Remediation

Semper Environmental is experienced in a wide range of site characterization and remediation methods and processes. We specialize in field sampling of soils, soil gas, and groundwater, and in the design and field implementation of remediation systems and site cleanup. Beyond the field, our chemistry, science, and risk assessment staff ensure the highest quality of environmental data is provided and correctly interpreted, with the appropriate level of detail and incorporation of site-specific factors and issues.

Munitions Response

Our management has over fifteen years of experience providing Military Munitions Response Program (MMRP) support, and can plan and perform all types of munitions response actions.

Munitions Response
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Cultural and Biological Resources Support

Semper Environmental provides full-service archaeological and biological support services required for any environmental or construction project. Our services include plan development, field surveys, reporting, and more.

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