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Project: Municipal Landfill—Wasatch Landfill Groundwater and Landfill Gas Monitoring

Aug 10, 2022 | Case Study, Environmental-News

Semper Environmental is teamed with AQS, Inc. to provide groundwater and landfill gas monitoring and reporting for the Wasatch Landfill in Davis County, Utah. Semper performs and manages all fieldwork for the project including coordination with the analytical laboratory. Fieldwork includes quarterly low-flow groundwater sampling for a large network of monitoring wells (depths range from 40 to 480 feet); measurement of monitoring well water levels; quarterly explosive gas monitoring; and bi-weekly extraction gas sampling, including performing optimization adjustments to the landfill’s extraction gas system. Semper also provides technical input and review of the quarterly groundwater sampling reports. The contract is ongoing and we have completed our first year of a five-year contract with zero issues. The Semper/AQS team has completed all required groundwater/gas monitoring and related reporting on schedule and with data that meets the project data quality objectives. In doing so, Semper/AQS is ensuring the landfill client remains in compliance with their permit and regulatory requirements. The landfill client is very satisfied and has stated such.


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