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Project: Utah National Guard—Munitions Response Historical Records Review

May 18, 2022 | Case Study, Cultural-News

Historical Records Review and Support for Site Inspection

Below is a description of a project that Semper Environmental has completed (or is working on). For all projects listed, Semper Environmental has worked in a subcontractor role, but our contribution in each project has been significant and often times has been in a project-lead capacity.

Drawing on our staff’s significant experience with the Military Munitions Response Program (MMRP), Semper Environmental is helping the Utah Army National Guard and their contractor better understand the history of a new munitions response site (MRS) identified near Camp Williams, Utah. The site is a hill located in a large residential neighborhood where 37mm projectile fragments were recently found by a child with a metal detector. As a subcontractor to Parsons, Semper Environmental completed an Historical Records Review (HRR) and is providing technical consulting to Parsons for the design and performance of a Site Inspection (SI) of this new high-priority MRS. Semper provided review and technical input to Parsons for the SI Work Plan and Unified Federal Policy-Quality Assurance Project Plan (UFP-QAPP), and helped plan and design the upcoming SI field work. As the sole author of the HRR Report, Semper conducted numerous interviews, researched a multitude of historical archives and documents, and evaluated historical aerial photographs and maps. The research showed that the hill was likely used just after World War I, and Semper uncovered evidence that the Utah National Guard may not have been the responsible service branch that impacted the site. The HRR Report was submitted to Parsons and ultimately reviewed by the Utah National Guard client and the National Guard Bureau. Only minor comments were received and no changes to the HRR report were requested.


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