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Included is a description of a project that Semper Environmental has completed (or is working on). For all projects listed, Semper Environmental has worked in a subcontractor role, but our contribution in each project has been significant and often times has been in a project-lead capacity.

Our Role

Since our beginning in July 2017, Semper Environmental has partnered with numerous organizations and participated in several different projects. Our expert team can play several types of roles, and we contribute to every project in a variety of ways. Most often, our role is to lead and manage, offering guidance and professional expertise during every step of the process.

Semper Environmental is experienced in a wide range of site characterization and remediation methods and processes. We specialize in field sampling of soils, soil gas, and groundwater, and in the design and field implementation of remediation systems and site cleanup. Beyond the field, our chemistry, science, and risk assessment staff ensure the highest quality of environmental data is provided and correctly interpreted, with the appropriate level of detail and incorporation of site-specific factors and issues.